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Has Miley moved on ?

It looks like Miley Cyrus is just taking up one Magazine after another. Recently, she's linked to her Co-star, Lucas Till, who Miley handpicked herself to star with her in the Hannah Montana movie. Now, She's linked to Adam Sevani, the dancer from Step up 2: the streets. Adam and Miley have had online dance battles through, and they've called it the 'biggest online dance battle on' It seems like Miley went from completely being annoyed about Adam and his crew, to actually liking him. An unknown source revealed that Miley and Lucas were together:Once they began shooting, she totally fell for him. Miley and Lucas have love scenes in the movie, but they’re even affectionate when the cameras stop rolling.
She’s always cuddling up to him and kissing him on the cheek. I’ve even caught them sneaking behind the trailers in full make-out session!’ Miley’s rep claims reports are false. ‘They’re filiming
together. They’re just friends.’