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Kate Gosselin: Dogs 'needed more than I could give them'

On TLC's You Ask, Kate Answers special Monday, tabloid queen Kate Gosselin says of the family's two German Shepherds that she "never intended to give them back" to the breeder.
They were returned in September amid the fallout of her divorce with Jon Gosselin.
Kate said at the time "they'll come back, but for now I needed a break." But now, though she didn't rule out bringing the dogs back, it sounded unlikely, The (Allentown, Pa.) Morning Call reports.
"I had to choose between the dogs and the kids and the kids come first," said the Jon & Kate Plus 8 turned Kate Plus Eight star.
Even before they returned the dogs, Jon Gosselin released a statement to the Humane Society of Berks County, saying "Shoka and Nala are loyal companions who we consider members of our family. We would never do anything to hurt them."
And in the
video of them getting the dogs, Kate says "I could go my whole life without having a dog."
One of the kids says "I want a puppy or a turtle."
Maybe they should've gone with the turtle.