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Matt Damon on Being Pranked by George Clooney

Thea Andrews caught up with Matt Damon at the Toronto Film Festival, where the star discussed his new film 'The Informant!' and revealed what it was like working for pal George Clooney, whose production company was behind the film!
"I did 'Syriana,' and it was great having Clooney as a boss," Damon tells ET, explaining that it was George who let him off the hook from work in 2004 to celebrate the Red Sox's World Series win against the Yankees.
Damon, a diehard Red Sox fan, says he called Clooney after the baseball team's big win, saying: "Look man, I've never missed a rehearsal. I've never missed anything in my life, but I'm gonna do something really unprofessional." But upon hearing of the win, Damon says Clooney had already rearranged shooting the film to give Matt time off.
As good of a boss as Clooney was to Damon, he's still quite the prankster.
"I'm always looking over my shoulder when he's around," Damon says, adding that mutual friend Brad Pitt has "got the leading tally right now" on pranks.
In 'The Informant!,' Damon -- People magazine's former Sexiest Man Alive --
gained 30 pounds to play the role of Mark Whitacre, an agricultural company's vice president who becomes an FBI informant.
Watch the video to learn more about the Steven Soderbergh comedy, due out in theaters on September 18.