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La ligue française - LYON

Occupied Lyon Group at the top of the French Football League on goal difference only before the Paris-Saint-Germain after beat its host Auxerre 3/0 on Saturday in the third stage of the competition, which witnessed the victory of Paris Saint Germain host فالينسيان 3/2.
In other matches were held today beat Monaco to Lorient Montpellier, Sochaux with one result 2/0 and won the Boulogne on its host Saint-Etienne 1/0, Le Mans to Nancy 2/1.
Lyon, raising its score to seven points to occupy the first place on goal difference before Paris Saint Germain and achieved their respective victories in return for a draw in the new season the French league.
Lyon and Auxerre 2-0 in the first half, scored by John now بومسونج and John Macon then added ميراليم Janjic in the third goal of the Panel in the second half.
Auxerre remained in the centre last 20 without a balance of the points after its defeat today third respectively.
Continued Paris Saint Germain pursuit for Lyon in the lead and beat فالينسيان at home.
And Paris Saint Germain with a view to in the first half record لويندولا Baiji in the 34th minute.
In the second half added births ايردينتش the second goal for Lyon