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Miley Cyrus

Full Name: Miley Cyrus
Birth Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus
Birth Place: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Birth Date: novembre 23, 1992
Miley Cyrus Stalker Ordered to Stay Away :

A temporary restraining order that was signed by a judge was filed in Georgia on Wednesday, ordering an alleged stalker to stay away from Miley Cyrus.
According to a court order, 53-year-old Mark Owen McLeod "has knowingly and willingly committed repeated acts of stalking against Miley Cyrus, her family, friends, fellow employees and employers."
McLeod is ordered to "not harass, threaten, molest, contact or attempt to contact, or in any other manner interfere with Cyrus, any member of her family, her friends, and fellow employees while at any place in Chatham County to include their residence, place or employment or any other public or private place."
McLeod may not contact Miley or her family, friends or fellow employees in any way, specifically including by telephone, telegraph, letter, or by electronic communication like e-mail, Twitter and social networking sites.
According to the papers, a hearing will be held shortly on the matter.
In related news, the Associated Press reported Thursday that police were searching McLeod's Appling, Georgia home, which is close to where Miley is filming a movie. McLeod was charged with criminal intent on Wednesday for stalking Miley.