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Silliness aside, Artest ready to help Lakers go back-to-back.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Ron Artest will not marry a Kardashian this season, partly because he's already married, partly because another Laker thought of it first.
But don't put anything else past his wayward imagination. He changes personas faster than he does uniform numbers, and speaking of which, it'll be 37 for the Lakers this season. Ask any other player why they wear a number, and most will cite sentimental reasons, personal reasons and whatnot. Ask Artest why he's switching from 96 in Houston last year (and 93 in Sacramento and 91 in Indy before that) and he'll say Michael Jackson's Thriller spent 37 weeks at No. 1.
Oh. Alright, then.
Let's be very clear about this: Those who thought Artest would somehow go mainstream, just because he's now on the defending champions and the stakes are raised, don't really know the man. But that's OK, because nobody can figure out the man. Which is just the way the man likes it.
"I'm always like a distraction," he said the other day, when the Lakers opened their preseason schedule against the Warriors. "I do so much. I'm always going to be 'out there.' That part won't change. Being in L.A. won't change that."
Yes, the move to L.A. only means a change in scenery, not a change in Artest. For proof, check out his move to L.A. Really, it's on YouTube. In true Hollywood style, Artest wrote, produced, directed and starred in his very own relocation video, a 10-minute documentary shot on his iPhone which he amusingly calls "a bootleg ghetto MTV cribs."